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  • What is Occupational Accident Insurance? Occupational Accident Insurance is a product that competes directly with Workers Compensation. 
  • Why choose Occupational Accident Insurance?  Occupational Accident Insurance allows you, the employer, to make your own choices with your money.
  • What are the Cost Benefits?  Occupational Accident Insurance reduces your out-of-pocket claims cost.  As the employer, you will quickly realize the cost benefits of being able to set the deductible rates, coverage limits and premiums.
  • What are the Advantages?  Any marketplace benefits from healthy competition and the insurance market is no different. Occupational Accident Insurance provides employee benefits in a cost effective competitive environment.
  • Group Benefits include
    • Life
    • Disability
    • Health (Medical, Vision and Dental)

Note: All benefits can be provided on an individual basis, Group Membership is not mandatory